Cinematography Show Reel

A collection of projects where I served as director of photography.

I Love U, I Hate U

This is a music video where I served as director of photography. We shot last May. It was a truly enthralling experience; I was able to learn a lot from the people I worked with, and we enjoyed every moment of it.

The Farthest Place From That Day

The Farthest Place From That Day is an experimental short shot on the Arri Alexa. We rented a car, and drove to Napa with our talent on a whim and a micro-budget. 

Durex: Fundawear Commercial

This is a spec commercial for Fundawear, a new, yet-to-be released product by Durex. 

Day in the Life: Furniture Designer/Maker

This is one of the many short documentaries I produced for ConnectEd California. We filmed at Jared Rusten's workshop in San Francisco, got covered in dust, and learned a lot about the craft of woodworking.

Day in the Life: Landscape Architect

Janice Nicol, landscape architect at The Office of Cheryl Barton, an award-winning firm in San Francisco, shares the importance of creative expression and past experiences when creating eye-catching public spaces.


Objectified is a documentary I produced the summer of 2011. A friend and I shot everything throughout the different San Francisco neighborhoods. The inspiration for the subject matter came from our own experiences with street harassment and objectification.

TANGO: DZR Shoes Commerical

Filmed on the Moviecam Compact Mark II and Zeiss Prime Lenses. Shot on Kodak 5219 500T. 


Jenella is a fifteen minute documentary produced in 2012, highlighting the life of a victim of sexual assault.  It was featured in an article on

Day in the Life Trailer