Cinematography Show Reel

A collection of projects where I served as director of photography.

I Love U, I Hate U

This is a music video where I served as director of photography. We shot last May. It was a truly enthralling experience; I was able to learn a lot from the people I worked with, and we enjoyed every moment of it.

Durex: Fundawear Commercial

This is a spec commercial for Fundawear, a new, yet-to-be released product by Durex. 

Day in the Life: Furniture Designer/Maker

This is one of the many short documentaries I produced for ConnectEd California. We filmed at Jared Rusten's workshop in San Francisco, got covered in dust, and learned a lot about the craft of woodworking.

Day in the Life: Landscape Architect

Janice Nicol, landscape architect at The Office of Cheryl Barton, an award-winning firm in San Francisco, shares the importance of creative expression and past experiences when creating eye-catching public spaces.


Objectified is a documentary I produced the summer of 2011. A friend and I shot everything throughout the different San Francisco neighborhoods. The inspiration for the subject matter came from our own experiences with street harassment and objectification.


Jenella is a fifteen minute documentary produced in 2012, highlighting the life of a victim of sexual assault.  It was featured in an article on

TANGO: DZR Shoes Commerical

Filmed on the Moviecam Compact Mark II and Zeiss Prime Lenses. Shot on Kodak 5219 500T.